Healthcare Smart Film Applications 

Switchable smart film is an ideal alternative to the use of curtains and blinds in hospitals and health centres. In addition to looking modern and sleek, it is also far more hygienic and easier to keep clean than curtains and blinds, preventing cross contamination of highly contagious diseases such as MRSA. A clean environment will improve patient recovery time and their general well-being. Staff would easily be able to check on patients in isolation at the flick of a switch rather than having to enter the room each time. The privacy that switchable smart film offers is far more superior to curtains and blinds which can get moved accidentally. The film reduces solar heat gain by up to 40% as well as blocking out up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. When switched to opaque the film lets in 50% of visible light, providing privacy but still allowing natural light in. 
Switchable smart film can be installed on any glass, acrylic screen, Plexiglas or other transparent surfaces. 
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