Smart Film FAQ's 

How is the smart film applied to the glass? 

The switchable smart film has a self-adhesive static cling layer, which is applied to a clean and carefully prepared window or glass panel. 

How does switchable smart film work? 

Switchable smart film has an electrical PDLC layer which switches from opaque to clear when power is applied using a simple electric switch. It does this by the electric current passing through the PDLC layer which lines up the microscopic crystals in the layer along parallel axes allowing you to see through the glass. 

What does PDLC mean? 

PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. 

How do I clean Switchable Smart Film

The switchable smart film should be cleaned using a soft cloth and gentle cleanser free from harsh chemicals. Make sure that fluids do not collect at the edges or corners of the glass during the cleaning process. 

Does the Switchable Smart Film have to cover the complete window or glass panel? 

No it doesn’t, you can specify the dimensions you require and we will prepare it to that size. 

How many controllers will I need? 

One controller will control up to 50 sq. ft. 

What is the average price of Switchable Smart Film

As each project is different, we would carry out a free survey and provide you with a quotation. 

How do I work out how much switchable smart film I would need? 

You measure the height and length of the glass, allowing 1/8 of an inch for installation tolerance. We offer a free survey and quotation service, so if you are unsure we can carry out the measurements for you. 

Does Switchable Smart Film completely block out the light? 

When the film is switched to opaque it let’s in 50% of visible light while blocking the view. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces like offices, bathrooms and bedrooms because it provides privacy while still allowing natural light in. 
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